Co-Occupation Spaces – Where Ideas Become Reality

7 March 2019

Co-Occupation Spaces – Where Ideas Become Reality

The trend towards the provision of co-working office space in city centres up and down the country is well publicised, and for good reason. These properties offer flexible, inspiring, often quirky spaces for entrepreneurs, start-ups, growing businesses, and those seeking premises in new locations. They can offer a single desk to rent for an hour to longer term private rooms that still offer flexibility when it comes to lease terms.

Image: DeskLodge Basingstoke

However, co-working space is not limited to office occupiers. Opportunities for other types of temporary space are becoming more prevalent.

Commercial kitchens are now being offered to rent on a co-occupation basis. One of the biggest barriers facing food and beverage entrepreneurs is the cost of the equipment required to bring their ideas to life. The opportunity to hire a commercial kitchen for a day (or a few) immediately removes that barrier, allowing innovators to try new ideas, recipes, and cooking methods without the risk that if it doesn’t work, they haven’t had to spend a fortune on equipment. We have a number of opportunities like this coming to the market shortly so please do get in contact for further information if you have a requirement for commercial kitchen space.

Laboratory space is also available to let on flexible terms, providing a sterile, clinical environment for a range of purposes. These ‘incubator’ units have been critical to a number of breakthroughs in medicine, clinical research, technological advancements and innovation. Quite often, as is found at the Bristol and Bath Science Park and Future Space Innovation Centre, the communal areas provide engaging space to encourage occupiers to pool resources, bounce ideas off one another, and collaborate if common ground exists between their work.

Image: Future Space Innovation Centre, University of the West of England

The retail and industrial sectors have also followed suit, with redundant high street retail units turned into indoor markets, industrial units used by co-operatives to provide furniture makers, carpenters, upholsterers, artists and sculptors with an appropriate services environment in which to work.

Image: Workshop space, Bridge Road, Kingswood, Bristol

We are passionate about promoting these spaces, and are delighted to feature a number of facilities like those listed above on our site. If you offer such facilities or are looking for space such as this, click here to visit and see what is available in your area or contact us on