Don’t get tangled in a World Wide Web of Trouble

23 May 2019

They say that finding a new home and moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. The whole process of finding, leasing or buying, and moving is something most of us would prefer not to have to do too often, and that’s just moving house!

Imagine now that you’re having to find and move offices for 20 members of staff, as well as all of your business infrastructure, equipment, files, stationery, the list goes on…

It is likely to take a considerable amount of time finding your ideal premises, in a convenient location, with the right number of workspaces and sufficient car parking. How do you fancy dealing with that?

Happily, you don’t have to. Instead you can search the properties listed on, an easy to use, intuitive property listings portal where you will find a wide range of vacant commercial and community space advertised in one place.

The next step you make after you have identified your shortlist is crucial, and we see people getting it wrong all the time. Often you might ask ‘Is the Broadband speed fast enough?’, which you might assume in this day and age it will be, plenty fast enough to suit your business needs. Unfortunately, many tenants which then continue the process of acquiring the space, sign the lease, start making plans and finally call a Broadband supplier to sort out the connection, find out that the broadband speeds are rubbish!

This approach can cause unnecessary pitfalls for you. A good Broadband supplier will start by asking you questions, like, “How many people are there in your team?” and “What do you use the Internet for; web browsing, email, backup, cloud services (accounting and Customer Relationship Management software)?” They will also have the ability to work out the best connection for you and your growing business. They can then check what is available at your new premises, and unfortunately it may turn out that you can’t even get fibre, or that even if you can get fibre, its slower than your present location!

All is not lost. Your Broadband supplier will most likely be able to supply a solution, one that will give you excellent speed and reliability, but at an increased monthly cost. Rather than the £50 per month you are paying at the moment, it could cost £300, £600 or even £1000 per month – not what you were expecting!

How can you avoid this headache? Involve a quality Broadband supplier you trust from the outset. Get them to ensure that the Broadband speed at the new premises you have an eye on will meet your needs. Don’t rush! And here’s a gift from us to you: If you want to find out what the Broadband is like at any location you’re thinking of moving to use our free Broadband report!

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