How to double the space in your premises without moving

30 June 2021

How to double the space in your premises without moving

If you are a growing business that has potential to grow even further, but your existing property doesn’t provide you with enough space or capacity to live out any expansion plans, then your next step will probably be to look to lease or purchase a larger property to cope with future growth.

However, you may face uncertainty after the pandemic or there is a lack of suitable commercial & industrial space available on the market that are right for you. So what do you do?

The answer might be above your head! And what could be above your head?

Space! Potentially, lots of it. That is where a Mezzanine Floor could be your solution.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A Mezzanine Floor is a semi-permanent, intermediate floor that is built within the interior of a building’s structure. They are typically installed between the ground floor and roof structure or between two stories of a building.

The Mezzanine Floor process is simple and straight forward, taking no more than 4-6 weeks from Initial Survey, through Building Control Approval, to Installation.

This is quick, compared to a traditional commercial building extension, which could take 4-6 months and require planning permission.

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What can Mezzanine Floors be used for?

Mezzanine Floors are used more than you realise, and you would have certainly been on a Mezzanine Floor without even knowing you are on one.

They are typically installed to create:

· Storage platforms

· Offices

· Production floors

· Retail space

Why moving is not a cost-effective option

From assessing the costs associated with relocating your business, it is easy to see how quickly it all adds up. Moving you business is much more costly than installing a Mezzanine Floor.

Costs associated with business relocation include:

· Business downtime and reduced productivity before, during and after moving

· Costs involved to physically re-locate staff workstations, office furniture, equipment, machinery, stock, racking etc.

· Legal costs involved in the lease or purchase of the property

· Increased costs of lease or mortgage payments

· Time involved for owners and directors

· Increased overheads, e.g. business rates

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What benefits can you expect from a Mezzanine Floor installation?

The short and most important answer is physical space. However, opting for a Mezzanine Floor over a business relocation or extending your existing property through traditional means, offers many other benefits:

· Maximise space – get up to double your working space

· Cost effective solution – much cheaper than extending your existing property

· Fast track installation with minimal disruption to staff and business

· Rarely requires planning permission

· Flexibility – your mezzanine can be moved or taken down at a later date

· No major building work required

· Simple, straight forward process

The process

As mentioned above, one of the benefits is a simple, straight forward process. To help you understand how the process works from start to finish, we have outlined the stages below:

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To conclude

If you need extra space to help your business grow, a Mezzanine Floor could be a great solution for you. They are more cost-effective than moving to another property or extending by traditional means. Together with a simple process that can take as little as 4-6 weeks, a Mezzanine Floor offers a fast track solution to your space requirements.

Should you have any questions regarding Mezzanine Floors, please contact me via:

0117 325 4515

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About the author:

Martin’s background is Industrial & Commercial Interiors. He is a specialist in Mezzanine Floors and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans a career of 30 years in the industry. Over the years, Martin has managed the design, manufacture and installation of over 1,000 Mezzanine Floors. It’s fair to say, he knows what he’s talking about. Martin is now the Head of Mezzanine Floors at Premier Mezzanines – a family business based in Bristol that specialises in Mezzanine Floors.