Looking to relocate your growing business?

14 January 2019

This week, we have been talking with Gareth Jones, Senior Project Lead at DAS Ltd. Working as consultants to the Energy industry, they have recently relocated from an office on the outskirts of Bristol to a central Bristol location. We were interested to understand their experience of relocating their business and what obstacles they came across in doing so. Read below for an insight in to what challenges they faced and the influencing factors behind their decision making process.

Hi Gareth, can you tell us a little bit about the business and your role in the organisation?

DAS is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy services. I am the Energy practice lead, based in Bristol.

Where were your offices previously based and what was your motivation for moving?

Our offices were located on the outskirts of Bristol in a serviced office premises. We made the decision that a city centre location would be beneficial from a practical perspective as many of our members of staff live in the city and we could see the benefit of being closer to all of the amenities that Bristol City Centre has to offer. Some of our senior members of staff commute from further afield, so being close to Bristol Temple Meads was also important.

What were your office search requirements?

We have around 10 members of staff who need a desk in a lockable office on a regular basis. We also have an additional 10-15 members of staff who work from various Client locations but very occasionally need to come in to the office, so at any one time and on a very irregular basis we could need space for over 20 people on any one given day. We wanted space in central Bristol that was close to public transport routes so that all members of staff could easily commute in. We also wanted the ability to be able to use private meeting rooms. Our business has grown significantly over the last couple of years and so we also wanted the flexibility to take more space when needed without having to commit to more space than we needed at the present time.

How did you go about finding a new location?

The first challenge we came across was that the majority of Landlords for offices in the city centre wanted a minimum commitment of 3 – 5 years from us. Our business is such that we could have outgrown the space within 12-18 months, which would have been a problem. We searched online for serviced offices, but could not find anything that we thought would be suitable. We then instructed an agent to search on our behalf and come back with a selection of properties that would suit our requirements. The agent came back with 5 sites for us to view and 1 Temple Way was our preferred option.

Where have you now relocated to?

We moved to Desk Lodge at 1 Temple Way, the former Bristol Post Building, about 3 months ago.

Are you happy with your new offices?

Yes, we have settled in well and the staff are really enjoying the new setting.

How does your new space meet your needs as a business?

We have a secure office with 12 desks in and there is plenty of break out space / hot desks for those times when our colleagues need to come in to the office. There are themed meeting rooms which add a new dimension to our meetings and are fun to use. Desk Lodge promotes and organise sessions such as “How to Build Your Own Brand” and “Creating Connections Between Businesses” that are run by occupiers and external experts. There are yoga sessions on site as well as cake sales and “Sweetie Fridays”. The office as a whole is now very sociable, creative and inspiring. We have much more choice in terms of eating out in our new location and we are also within 10 minutes’ walk of the train station. Included within the facility are bike bays, showers, a parking space and hot drinks. Most importantly, we only had to commit to two month’s occupation and can serve notice on 60 day basis going forwards. It’s a win win!

Square Foot Finder are excited to be involved in the advertising of office, meeting room and desk spaces at Desk Lodge in three of their sites, Basingstoke Basing View, Bristol Temple Way and Bristol Redcliffe Way. If you, like Gareth would like to find yourself a new location for your business in a funky, vibrant and inspiring setting with flexible terms, you may also want to consider space at Desk Lodge. Please see the links below for further details and the opportunity to contact Desk Lodge direct: