The modern workplace

24 January 2019

The modern workplace is changing, everyone knows that. More and more people are working flexible hours, some work a few days from home or remotely elsewhere, and the trend towards paperless offices mean that in some industries, file storage requirements have disappeared over a matter of months. The rise in start-ups requiring more flexible and affordable options seems set to continue with the Office for National Statics reporting that the number of self-employed increased from 3.3 million people (12.0% of the labour force) in 2001 to 4.8 million (15.1% of the labour force) in 2017. How do businesses, landlords, and workspace designers / architects meet these changing demands?

One of the earliest trends to emerge was the move towards “hot desks”, and they are only becoming more popular. These desks are not allocated to a certain individual, but can be used on an ad hoc basis by anyone at any time. Wireless technology has done away with the need for docking stations and network cables, enabling greater flexibility than ever. Sometimes, hot desks are not even desks. Informal meeting areas, break out space, and long, banquet style tables now encourage collaboration and cater for fluctuations in staff numbers through the day.

At Square Foot Finder, we are delighted to be working with a number of landlords who offer such facilities. The Innovation Centre at Longbridge in the Midlands offers hot desks, conference facilities, and virtual office services, while Desklodge in Bristol and Basingstoke offer space from as little as a desk for an hour to longer term but flexible workspace solutions, incorporating some amazing creative spaces. Meeting in a treehouse anyone?

In this highly connected age, internet cafes are a distant memory, and the offer of ‘drop in when you need to’ facilities are more and more prevalent, from train stations, to gyms, to city centre occupiers who have some extra space.

Hot desks are here to stay, and if you think that you or your business can benefit from such a flexible solution, click here to see what our Clients can offer!