Top Tips – Creating your Listing

9 October 2018

Want to list your property for the first time? Feels daunting doesn’t it. After all, the agents are the experts aren’t they? Well, yes they are, but we have some top tips to maximise your property’s potential.

  1. Turn the lights on. We know it sounds obvious, but the benefits are twofold. Firstly, artificial light helps makes a room feel brighter and more welcoming, but also the camera will detect less of a difference in light levels between the room and a window so will avoid overexposure or over-darkening of the room.
  2. Dress it up. No wigs needed, but it really helps to set a room up as you envisage it being used. If it’s an office, a few office chairs around a desk or two, some lamps, a laptop etc go a long way to making an otherwise empty room look more appealing.
  3. Find your square foot. Tell your potential occupier what they are going to get. At Square Foot Finder, the clue is in the question – your next potential occupier will probably be looking for space by floor area. You don’t need to be too scientific, but if you multiply the width of your space by the depth, you’re pretty much there. If there is a large area of unusable space, for example, space where there is less than 1.50m of head height, or a large chimney breast or pillar, don’t include it. If you don’t have the time, give a guide as to how many people your space is suitable for.
  4. Keep it simple. Less really is more. When it comes to writing your advert, put yourselves in the shoes of your occupier. What do they want to know? What can they see from your photographs? You don’t need to tell them the colour of the carpet, but perhaps tell them what you like about the space. The location, the types of businesses also in the building, the best local amenities, where you can catch a bus, get a coffee, or send a parcel. This is the stuff that matters to people.
  5. Step outside. Take a photo of the front of your property and any outside space. If you have a garden or outside space, a parking space, or alternatively a communal kitchen, meeting room or breakout area, include it in your photographs.

We hope the above helps but remember the Square Foot Finder principles – keep it simple, honest and interesting!